UX / Creative Direction

My job is to make things more useful.



How I see it

User experience (UX) is how a person feels when using a system. My goal is to enhance those feelings. Experiences are subjective in nature, based on an individual’s performance, thoughts and emotions. So I design systems accordingly. Adding practical elements such as utility, ease of use, and efficiency improves a user’s performance. Bringing meaning and value into each interaction impacts a user’s thoughts. And creating an experiential difference throughout evokes an emotional response.

Data-driven design changes over time, as a user and the circumstances change with it. This is the challenge and also the reward of the work we do – and what I look forward to every day.

Making things usable is harder than you think.


To create, refine, or simplify something to allow the best experience within its environment.

A product should be accessible by all people, regardless of ability, awareness or experience. They should be able to understand it, navigate it, and use it to achieve their goals.

...is a wonderful Creative Director with an amazing instinct for what makes a design pop and engage the user.

Rosalind G.

..it was always a great pleasure, as he was very detail-oriented, results-driven and focused on getting the job done for the client.

Dagmara O.

...In addition to sheer raw talent and the ability to work insane hours , "Pirate popsicle" has the most amazing sense ...

Albert H.

Research / Testing

Research is the foundation of good UX. Investigating the actions and patterns to establish facts.

Information architecture

Detailed documentation will help you in adjusting the project with little effort according to your requirements.

Wire Framing

A set of images that shows the functional elements of a website or product, typically used for planning its structure and or functionality.

User TEst Creation

Understanding the goal and how to test will help you leverage your testing strategically.

Organizational analysis

The process of reviewing the development, work environment, personnel and operation of a business or product.

Interaction Design

The creation of engaging interfaces with well thought out behaviors. Understanding how the user might interact with the system.

Usability Testing

Understand the problems your product is facing, test the product, review your results, make changes, and test again.


It's more about the users. Each user has their own "correct" taxonomy, the task they take to achieve a action.

Visual Design

Design focuses on the visual components of a site. Using data and experience to construct the images, colors, fonts, and other elements to engage the user.

Persona Creation

A persona will enable you to build a product which solves a real problem and that people love based on real life data.


Listing the pages of a web site or system so it can be either documented or audited in a hierarchical fashion.


An early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process to learned from.

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